KYC questions

Why is my KYC not approved?

Your KYC is not approved because the provided documents are not good/sufficient for approval.
Please upload a selfie and ID document in color. In the selfie,
   • the full face must be clearly visible,
   • no hat or sunglasses.
   • the format should be jpeg, jpg or png.

When uploading an ID, pick one of the following:
   • Passport (the full inner page) or
   • Driver’s License (front & back) or
   • National ID card (front & back)

Make sure the text in the ID document is clear and readable. Note that for national ID and driver’s license, both front and back must be uploaded.

Please make sure that:
   • The ID document is clear enough to see ALL the details and text
   • The 4 corners of the document are visible
   • The ID document has not expired

You can track the progress of your KYC in your log.

How can I give away a KYC approved account?

To sell or give away a KYC approved membership or membership you need to confirm to us on the format below, the first name, last name, Date of birth and email address of the new owner of the membership.
   • First name
   • Last name
   • Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
   • Email address

Account setting

How to change the registration details?

You can not change your registration details after you have completed your KYC. This is only possible if you contact
If you have not uploaded your KYC document yet, you can change your settings using the following steps.
Don’t forget to save your setting before leaving the page
If you need further assistance, please contact us directly from the support tickets in your back-office, or send an email - using your registered email address

How to change my password?

Log in, then under your username (from a web browser) or Account (from the app) select, in the drop-down menu, “settings” then select Password, in the first box insert your current password, in the following one your new password then confirm and save. Make sure that the new password is over 8 digit length and use upper and lower case and numbers.

New members

How to set the placement for new members?

Log in, then under your username (from a web browser) or Menu (top right) then Account (from the app) select, in the drop-down menu, “settings” then select "Member Placement" - select the place and click on the “SAVE” button

Can a member placement be changed?

No, once registered, a member's placement cannot be changed.

How do I register new members with me as a sponsor?

You can register new members by including your username at the time of the member´s registration at the sponsor box, for this you need to provide the member the sponsor link indicated in your landing page.

Payment questions

How do I buy Gift Codes?

Log in, then under your username (from a web browser) or Menu (top right) then Account (from the app) select Gift codes.
On the Gift code page, select the gift code you want to purchase, pack or upgrade, the amount of them and select "Get gif code".
Next, select the payment method and choose to pay from Account balance or Bitcoin. Press "Buy now" button.

How long will my withdrawal request take to be processed?

Estimating processing time for a BTC payout can take up to 3 weeks depending on demand. Even so, it is usually faster than that. When you place a request via bank wire it takes a lot longer due to bank policies, especially outside the SEPA area.

How does payment via wire transfer works?

After you have sent your funds to our Bank account and they are received, the Bank credits them to your account balance. To complete your purchase you still have to log in to your account, select your Education Package and choose account balance as the payment method.